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There are a lot of products in the tooling market for ‘unbreakable’ products that won’t live up to their claims but there is one range of hammers that really take their unbreakable name to the next level.

Introducing Wilton’s BASH Sledge Hammers…


Now stocking at OAASIS Group, the BASH range of hammers feature their innovative unbreakable handle technology, an instantly recognisable high visibility green head and their unique locking plate. Wilton backs up their patented unbreakable handle technology with a $1000 guarantee if the handle is broken during normal wear and tear for a full 2 years after the tool is purchased.

If the $1000 guarantee isn’t enough to convince you that these hammers are truly unbreakable, see the BASH range in action in this ‘Man vs Tool‘ video that shows just how tough these sledge hammers are.


BASH Features

Unbreakable handle technology

Wilton has designed an innovative steel core handle that prevents the sledge hammer breaking during overstrikes. Six steel bars run through the core of the BASH handles meaning no splitting, snapping or breaking during use.

Unique locking plate

The steel bars inside the handle are firmly fixed to the head of the hammer by a unique steel locking plate. The locking plate eliminates the head dislodging from the handle which prevents job site injuries caused by flying hammer heads when using traditional sledge hammers.

Anti-vibration neck

Vibration related injuries are a big HSE talking point for industrial sectors. Wilton has designed the BASH range to include an anti-vibration neck which tapers towards the end of the handle, ergonomically designed to prevent vibration related injury from repeated use.

Non-slip grip

The BASH has a textured handle to provide a high level of grip for the user with an improved contoured design to increase user comfort.

Lanyard hole

The BASH range of hammers are manufactured with a lanyard hole to safely secure the hammer to your wrist, tool belt or bag which increases job site safety by preventing dropped tool incidents.

The World’s Most Durable Sledge Hammers

OAASIS Group have a selection of the BASH range in stock including sledge hammers and ball pein hammers, available to order now in-store or online from the Outland Sales site.

Contact us today for more details.