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From 1988, Dulon International has demonstrated its commitment to a sustainable future through the development of advanced cleaning and maintenance products and solutions which are cost-effective, safe to work with and have minimal environmental impact.

High Performance Cleaning Products

Dulon provides customer focused solutions for effectively removing contamination with hydrocarbon based products from a variety of surfaces, resulting in a minimum amount of waste. The benefi ts from using Dulon’s products and solutions include: reduced waste disposal, reduced maintenance and most importantly reduction of lost time due to maintenance shut-downs and equipment failure.

Offshore and Rig Solution


Dulon’s corporate values embrace an innovative attitude and a problem solving mentality. One of the innovations is a highly concentrated product – Dulon F10 C-ES – in combination with a mixing unit, 360C. This device dilutes an IBC (1,000L) of concentrate with water, resulting in a year supply of 12,000 litres of ready to use Dulon Eco Safe Rig Wash. The combination of a mixing unit with one IBC of concentrate practically rules out transportation costs and packaging, especially when operating in remote areas.

As official distributors of Dulon industrial products, OAASIS, a DistributionNOW company, are able to offer the full Dulon range which includes products specifically designed for use in the Oil and Gas and Energy markets.

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