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Market leading PPE manufacturer uvex can demonstrate that buying cheap can cost you more in the long run.

uvex with its innovative, high quality products are often perceived as expensive and with budgets being squeezed, the idea of buying high quality products may be regarded as a bit of a luxury. However, with many uvex products costing less than you think, we can demonstrate that buying better quality products such as uvex safety eyewear, could in fact save you money.uvex-glasses

Apart from the price tag, other factors are important such as quality, durability, comfort, style and effectiveness of the product, it is important to look at the real cost of the product when it is actually in use.

Tests conducted that look at the life span of safety eyewear and takes into account the performance of anti-fog lens coatings, a frequent bug-bare of wearers, price is not the only consideration.

A simple analysis of the replacement rate of safety eyewear due to anti-fog performance diminishing with regular cleaning, results show that buying uvex eyewear with its permanent anti-fog lens coating technology, compared to a pair of £2 basic spectacles could end up saving you money.

A simple calculation can be done to ascertain the real ‘cost in use’ or value of the products over the annual usage of an average person. The average spend per person shows that the user of the spectacles costing £2 each would go through 22 pairs a year, costing an average £44 per person, while those using spectacles costing £6 per pair would only need 3.6 pairs in a year because the anti-fog coating lasts indefinitely – total cost £21.60 per person per year. This clearly demonstrates that it is a false economy to skimp and buy the cheaper spectacles.


This is just one example of potential cost savings and OAASIS Group are offering free PPE reviews to see if we can help you save money.  Simply contact OAASIS Group on +44 (0) 1493 660690 or email to make an appointment with one of our team.

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