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Now stocking at OAASIS Group – HUWE, the revolutionary hammer union wrench.

Don’t hammer it, HUWE® it!

Hammer unions have been in wide use on flow lines, flare lines, injection and high-pressure lines for decades, but nobody came up with a better way of loosening and tightening the unions than just hitting them with sledgehammers – until now. The powerful, versatile HUWE® wrench is an easier, safer and more economical way for rig crews to fasten and disassemble hammer unions wherever they’re used – without sacrificing speed or wasting precious rig-up time.

A safer alternative

Safety in the workplace is often one of the most discussed subjects in today’s industrial sectors. Many companies strive to create the safest workplace possible by providing personal protective and safety equipment and reviewing working procedures. The HUWE offers major benefits to safety in the workplace by removing sledgehammers from the equation. By using the HUWE to loosen and tighten hammer unions, there’s a dramatically lower risk of impact injuries to the operator or bystander, there will be no more fingers and hands struck by sledgehammers, no more flying metal chips, no wrenched backs or joints and far less general fatigue which can breed further mistakes. Fewer injuries equal greater productivity and a happier, more confident workforce.


Powerful and economical

Tightening and loosening hammer unions with the typical sledgehammer is incredibly hard on the union – particularly the nut. Repeated hammer strokes can wear down the lugs while missed strokes striking the union’s body can cause hairline cracks which are not noticed until it splits under the force of pressures. These problems can cause repeated expensive replacements. HUWE sets are a one-time investment with only two main parts plus a small locking pin and safety chain. The HUWE is available as a full set or separately in a range of the most commonly used union size heads with 4 handle lengths to best fit the available working space and the user’s strength.

Throw the best wrench at it

When you’re out in the field, working under pressure, literally, stop beating your hammer unions to pieces. Throw the best wrench at it! The HUWE®.

See the HUWE in action:

The HUWE makes life easier and safer for today’s generation of oilfield workers, without sacrificing speed. You owe it to your crews, your field equipment and your company’s bottom line to grab onto the HUWE.

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