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Home News Product News Introducing the V-MAG Series – Neodymium magnets for steel structures

Static installation methods like welding and drilling have finally found a modern, multipurpose replacement. The V-MAG magnet is the perfect product for ever-changing industrial and commercial environments.

OAASIS Group Ltd are the official UK and Ireland distributor of an impressive new range of industrial-strength magnets designed to be used as an installation method for industrial environments.

The V-MAG Series consists of two different sized neodymium magnets, V-MAG70 and V-MAG340, with maximum hold weights of 70kg and 340kg respectively. V-MAG magnets are easy and fast to retrofit to existing structures, require no welding or surface preparation and can be assembled without any special tools. This makes them perfect for attaching almost any item or fixing to structures such as turbines, rigs and vessels.

For more information and to see the product information video, please visit the V-MAG Series page.