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OAASIS Group has been featured in Roustabout, the leading oil and gas magazine for Aberdeen, for an article discussing the different types of equipment available for surface preparation.

The article, titled ‘Three approaches to surface preparation’, looks at different techniques for the cleaning and preparation of industrial surfaces focussing on three leading brands.

You can read the full article in the April edition of Roustabout magazine online, see below for a snippet.

“What is surface preparation?
Surface preparation is the process of treating surfaces chemically or mechanically prior to the application of coatings to ensure further treatments are successfully applied. Surface preparation techniques can be used to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface or to remove coatings and contaminants depending on the methods and abrasives used.

Surface preparation tools
A huge range of tools are available for surface preparation, from hand-held tools to heavy-duty floor machines, pneumatic to electric. Trelawny SPT Ltd is an independent manufacturer of pneumatic tools and surface preparation equipment designed for the removal of deck coatings, paints, corrosion and rust from steel structures such as offshore platforms, bridges, large ships & vessels. Trelawny have supplied their ever evolving product range into the global offshore industry for many years now…”

Read the full article online here – on page 48