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OAASIS Group recently wrote an article explaining the key reasons for wearing PPE in the workplace, especially in the sometimes hostile conditions many offshore workers face every day.

The article which was the opening piece for the Protective Clothing feature in the October edition of Wind Energy Network magazine, also sponsored by OAASIS, gave an insight into the type of protective equipment and clothing used by workers in the offshore wind energy sector. Please see a preview of the article below.

“Protecting head and hands
OAASIS offers garments to protect every part of the body in any working situation, from lightweight coveralls and waterproofs to thermal under-layers and high-visibility trousers, shirts or jackets. The group works with leading brands to offer protective clothing in many styles, colours and sizes, all ideal for use in the wind-energy industry.

Protecting the head and body may seem obvious, but it’s still essential. In many industrial environments, hard hats and safety footwear are mandatory. Glasses or goggles prevent foreign objects or debris damaging the eyes, while masks provide respiratory protection against airborne dust. The company offers a full range of head, eye and respiratory protection, all sourced from premium manufacturers.

A worker’s hands are their most important tool, and often the most exposed. For safety, comfort and productivity, they have to be fully protected against cuts, cold and burns. Impact-resistant gloves, welding gauntlets or gloves with climbing grip provide the protection workers need to do their jobs in safety and comfort…”

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