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Environmental Policy

The OAASIS Group located in Great Yarmouth, England is committed to policies regarding Environmental best practice and has developed specific procedures and processes that relate directly to the facility operations, legislation and conditions that apply. This includes maintaining registration to the ISO14001 International Environmental Standard and seeking to improve / reduce the environmental impact that the site and its operations make on their locality.

Specifically OAASIS will seek to ensure that:

  • Compliance is achieved and maintained with respect to all UK and European legislation as it applies to the company.
  • The Environmental Action Plan, derived from the Significant Aspects analysis will be implemented to maintain and then reduce the overall (environmental) impact of the facility.
  • The Environmental Management System (EMS) will be regularly audited and then reviewed by the senior management team to ensure compliance with both corporate requirements and the stipulations of the ISO14001 standard.
  • All employees shall be trained with regards to the importance and compliance with Environmental requirements and furthermore shall be given the chance to raise any issues regarding the upkeep and improvement of the EMS (Environmental Management System).

The EMS shall operate as a part of a Combined Management System (CMS) in conjunction with the Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS) and the Combined Management System (CMS).

T. Simmons

Operations Manager

Issue 3, 28th July 2015