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At our Service Centre, we are able to offer fully certified inspection, cleaning and testing and repair of Ursuit transfer suits.


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In line with SOLAS safety standards, with respect to critical lifesaving equipment, OAASIS in partnership with Ursuit have introduced an annual service and recertification program to ensure that all suits remain certified and fit for purpose, for the expected life of the product.

To ensure the highest standards are maintained, all service activities are carried out by an approved Ursuit Service Centre.

By performing the servicing & recertification of all Ursuit equipment in this manner, we ensure that dedicated, fully trained personnel perform all service activities in a consistent, professional and expedient manner. All test activities are undertaken utilising specialised custom built equipment that has been approved.

We maintain detailed records of all servicing activities; log the results of all tests, repairs, serial numbers, and customer details.

A recertification certificate is issued after each service and the equipment then has an additional 12-month warranty

OAASIS will provide a customised annual recertification schedule that fits your business needs